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Noisy Locations That Can Contribute to Hearing Loss

Aug 9, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Our ears put up with a lot of noise throughout our lifetimes. From rock concerts to construction sites, various locations and settings can contribute even more to hearing loss. Experts tell us that any sound at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss with prolonged exposure. Delicate cells within the inner ear die, and they don’t grow back. This means that once your hearing is damaged, it’s impossible to repair. Although certain exposure is unavoidable, there are certain locations to watch out for in order to preserve your hearing.


Sporting Events

While a noisy crowd is an indicator of team spirit at a sporting event, it can be damaging to its spectators. Some football stadiums nowadays even try to break records for noisiest crowds. These high decibels can lead to tinnitus, or buzzing and ringing in your ears. Typically, this sensation goes away, but for others it doesn’t.


Bars and Restaurants

Many bars play loud music that in turn causes guests to hold even louder conversations just to hear one another speak. The logic here is that the louder the music, the faster people will eat and drink. This may generate more revenue, but leave the establishment’s patrons at risk for hearing loss; not to mention the number of employees who have to suffer through it.


Weddings and Birthdays

Large gatherings like weddings or birthday bashes offer live entertainment in the form of bands and DJs. Often times, because of the size of the event, volumes are set at unsafe levels. While this may seem fun and harmless, when combined with the roar of conversation, it may damage your ears.



Have you ever attended a movie in a theater and noticed the audience holding their hands over their ears during certain scenes? Music and dialogue at the movies can be deafening. Certain blockbuster hits have even bragged in the past about being the loudest movies on record.


Other Locations

As stated before, 85 decibels is all that it takes to cause hearing loss, and we experience these levels in some magnitude on a daily basis. Other examples of these dangerous sound levels include:


  • Motorcycles
  • Machinery found in factories
  • Yard power equipment
  • Heavy city traffic
  • Airplanes taking off







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